Parapet Repair/Rebuild

The parapet is the upper portion of a vertical wall that transitions up and over the top of the wall back down to the roofing material. This is usually the area that deteriorates before any other area on a flat roofed stucco dwelling or structure. It is also may be the most important area to maintain as to protect the upper roof line as well as the vertical walls. The parapets take special abuse from the elements; wind, rain, snow, frost and falling debris. Therefore, the parapets need special attention.

Some parapets can be spot repaired with stucco products or caulking. Sealing the parapets with products like tar or paint products is not recommended as the stucco is a breathing material and will deteriorate under such products.

Rebuilding the parapets is usually the best option for achieving strength and longevity as a seal against the elements. Most parapets can be rebuilt using a fiberglass mesh embedded in a fibered/acrylic cement. This system eliminates nailing that can cause additional water issues where the stucco transitions into the flashing at the roof line. Severely damaged parapets will need to be rebuild with a wire mesh product and properly sealed at the roof line by a roofing contractor for optimum results.

Here at Southwestern Stucco Services we have rebuilt hundreds of miles of parapets over the years. Our ability to asses the individual situations of each job site and use of the proper products to perform the job have been successful for decades. Our parapet rebuilds can be done in both a cement stucco finish or an acrylic finish. Both procedures come with a warranty. A dependable parapet rebuild can lend years of extra life to the overall exterior of the stucco. It can also be the remedy that protects against extensive water damage inside as well as outside.