Stucco Repair

Often times a complete restucco is not necessary to restore the exterior stucco of a house or building to that of a sound structure. Most stucco can be repaired to eliminate water issues and other compromises. Knowledge of the proper products and procedures to be used in a stucco repair are critical.

Many times a complete restucco is not affordable or practical for the homeowner/property owner. An experienced repair can often do the job necessary for the situation.

While a repair can fix many stucco issues, the one drawback is the matching of existing surfaces and colors. When entering into stucco repair, be prepared that colors most likely will not match due to a number of issues. There are some procedures that can be taken to blend colors into the existing stucco. An experienced stucco contractor can guide the homeowner in the proper direction.

Patching and repairing stucco is much better than doing nothing at all and having to deal with major issues in the future. If a complete restucco is not for you, don’t hesitate to seek out a consultation on a stucco repair.

Normally there are no warranties given on stucco repair only, but there is no need to shy away from a good repair job. We are experienced at repairing both cement stucco and acrylic stucco.